Portrait Project #3: Diamond

I searched for a long time to find a picture of Diamond that I wanted to paint more than all the others. She has so many great pictures! I wanted one that seemed natural and fun… also, maybe one where she’s wearing something whimsical or Disney.




I’m gong to definitely have fun with the colors. I want there to be paint splashes, and spills, and green. Unicorn explosions. And maybe some messy, black drops to make it a little tiny bit dark, because I know Diamond loves Halloween, and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas- and if she’s like me- all things Johnny Depp. Yes: green.


Here’s the outline, up-close and personal:IMG_4798


Here’s a preview of the next one. Sneak peak of none other than Emily!

The ouline in pencil:



I think her hair should be tentacles…. squid tentacles.




PS. For other friends getting portraits in the near future: Yes, I am looking through your facebook photos and finding a picture that I like. Yes, it requires me to see all the crazy pictures in your photo cache. Don’t worry, whatever picture I choose, I’ll make sure you look good. That’s part of the fun.

PSS. I know, Rianna. I will paint you something for your apartment soon, I promise! I’m on the cusp of coming up with the perfect idea. It involves geographic prints and also a pot of flowers, interestingly enough. I’m not making this up! I really did think of a good idea. We’ll talk about it next time we work out……………………………… or get drinks?


Portrait Project #1: Francisco

In the beginning of December, I offered free portraits to any facebook friends who so desired one. I received many, many responses! This “Portrait Project” will not only allow me to reconnect with friends I’ve lost touch with, but also to practice my portrait skills. Part of the project is the freedom of experimenting in various styles and colors. I’m very excited for the opportunity to paint such different and beautiful people.

Francisco was the first person to respond to my facebook post about the free portraits. The smiley-face he gave was enough for me to start looking for a picture of him to paint. I tried to find something serious, and it was incredibly difficult. I finally found one. The only picture in his entire facebook photo repertoire where he is not smiling.

First layer:

francisco portrait 1

I am not completely happy with it yet; when I begin to add the next layers, I will decide whether to keep the painting, or destroy it and start from scratch. That happens from time to time. I think brown suits him, but I’ll add some light blues to keep it fun. I’ll continue to post progress on the painting…



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