“Lone for Tara” Complete


This first picture is the second layer; it was nearly done at this point. It still needed more blending,  outlining, and filling-in of the letters:



The letters where the hardest part!


I outlined them to make them stand out more.

Here is the final portrait of Lone:

Lone Finished


I changed his eyes back to brown, but you can see, if you look closely, that there are still see some hints of green here and there.

Lone Finished Upclose


I will be sending it to Tara today.


“Lone for Tara”- The Outline

I’ve completed the outline of Tara’s beloved Lone:

Lone Outline


Curiously, the letters were more difficult for me to draw than the dog. I like how the smoothness of the script contrasts with the roughness of Lone’s fur. I think I’m going to love painting this one. I think I already love the dog myself.


By the way, I’m waiting to post Emily’s final portrait until I meet with her in person. A little suspense is good, isn’t it? 😀

I colored some areas of Emily’s hair, the area under her shirt, and her lips in navy. Yet, I’m not quite sure if I should change the lips back to white… they seem a bit harsh in color. it’s a tough decision. I’m also torn as to whether or not I should add some very light grey shadowing on her face. Perhaps that will balance out the navy lips. I shall see tomorrow when I work on it…






“Lone for Tara”

There comes a time when a commissioned painting must take precedence over your free portrait paintings. I’ll be working on some commissioned paintings while continuing to post on the Portrait Project. I prefer to work on more than one painting at a time, anyway. So I’ll be working on “Lone for Tara,” while beginning Karla’s portrait, the next one in the free project.

A friend, Tara, has commissioned me to paint her beautiful companion, Lone:



I feel compelled to paint him in multi-color, in a style similar to how I painted Diamond’s portrait:

image (7)


 Tara requested that Lone’s name be written on the portrait. I thought some kind of framing would be appropriate to make the name more visually pronounced. I usually make a photoshop compilation for my clients, so that they can get a basic idea of what the painting will look like. It gives them time to make special requests, and alert me if they do not like my vision.

So, here’s the compilation of Lone:


It looks elementary, but convey’s the general idea. I want the background to be textured, mainly in one color, but with small splashes of other colors for fun.

Tara expressed that she liked the salmon color I had used for Emily’s portrait. I’m not sure I will keep the entire background in that color… I’m also leaning toward navy. Navy looks incredibly nice with tan and brown, Lone’s main coat colors.


All those strokes are supposed to mimic my multi-colored strokes. Use your imagination.

I’m sure once I start, everything will fall into place.



Portrait Project #4: Emily Progression…

emily progression small

Here’s the progression sequence of Emily’s portrait.

It’s like a coloring book:

image (15)

image (11)


image (12)


image (13)


Now, I’ll add navy to the bottom of her neck, to make it look like a blouse; I ‘ll also outline her nose ring in navy.The square necklace I will most likely keep white.


This should be ready to send today. However, I might have to make Emily come pick it up in person later this week… If only so that Rianna and I can catch up with our dear, old, squid-tentacled friend.









Portrait Project #4: Progress on Emily

Here’s what it looks like so far.

It’s a shame. I had to use my phone again, and… well. There’s a horrible black smudge on the left corner. I apologize. That’s not on the painting, it’s from the camera lens. I’m facing the reality that I must succumb to the racket that is constant technology updates, and get a new, updated device.

progress emily


Steady, it goes…

image (9)


I like it just black and white. But I might add some navy. Just for fun. Give it a nautical spin.


Portrait Project #3: Diamond is done

itThese photos were taken on my phone. I feel it shows the colors better than my more expensive camera. I don’t know why…

image (7)

… Probably because I took the picture in the daylight.

image (6)


Here’s the picture I took with my other camera at night:



The lighting makes all the difference.

I added a background and details to her face and clothes, while subduing some of the strong color strokes in the previous layer of her face. I also filled in the background. I tried to add some green color to her teeth without making it seem like there was spinach stuck between them. It’s hard adding yellow and green to teeth without making them look… strange. When you see this picture in person, it looks so much better than what these photos show. It has amazing color. It’s hard to capture that on film.

image (8)

I hope Diamond likes it.


Portrait Project#4: Emily

A couple of photos/ art designs inspired me for Emily’s painting.


First, this wonderful picture:




Second, Emily’s squid tattoo (on her upper arm/ shoulder):

emily tattoo

Third, this piece of stencil art by “stupidyouth” at deviantart.com:



I’ve sketched the outline and turned her hair into tentacles:



The quality of the photo is poor; my iphone is not up to standards… (that purple haze does not exist on the drawing). As you see, I’ve changed her gaze to be off-camera; I just thought it would be more whimsical that way.



Portrait Project #3: Diamond Continued…


I covered the pink with beige/skin tones. Then, I began adding some color in select places with crosshatch-like strokes.

The perspective of this picture may be a bit skewed; I was holding the photo at a funny angle. I apologize. See?:




I’m going to complete the background, layer some color onto her teeth (not too much; got to keep that American White), fix shadows on the upper lip a bit, add bigger eyelashes, and possibly more color to her face. Hopefully, it’ll be done tomorrow. I like her eyes and hair green.


On a semi-related note. Behold! my folding table in action:



Portrait Project #1: Francisco Is Done

Here’s the finished portrait of Francisco:


francisco finished

The last layer required a background and some touch-ups, most notably: the shadows under his eyes needed to be lightened a bit, and some shadowing in his neck needed to be more detailed.

Here is the painting in its entirety:

francisco border


The painting is packaged and all ready to go. It will ship on Monday, to hopefully, a satisfied Franco.