“Ben” for Emily: Complete

Here’s the finished painting of Ben:


Ben finished


The navy of the whale is a little bit darker than the navy I used in Emily’s painting. I wanted the whale to stick out, but not be quite so obvious, so that it would look like one cohesive beard from far away. There are navy swirls all over his beard, but it’s hard to make it out in these photos.

When I add sharpness and contrast to the photo of the painting, you can get a better feel of the paint strokes that you see when looking at it in person.

Ben finished small
-with added sharpness and contrast

I hope Ben likes the painting. It looks great alongside Emily’s:


BenEnvelope far



“Ben” for Emily: Progress


Here’s the progress on Ben:

Ben2 smaller

The blue looks much brighter than in my last post, because I took this picture in the sunlight (the other one was taken in the evening inside my home). I actually like this blue tone, the more I paint. I think I’ll keep it as it is.

The whale will be navy, to match the navy shirt of Emily’s portrait. I’ll also add some navy throughout his beard, and possibly use it to color in the “B” on his hat.

You’ll notice I’ve changed the direction of his eyes slightly to the left. I also did this to better match Emily’s portrait. Their original pictures had them looking straight at the camera, but I decided shift their eyes for more whimsy and interest.

Here’s Emily’s finished portrait for reference:

emily finished

Ben’s portrait should be done by this weekend. I hope to send it Saturday morning.


“Ben” for Emily

Emily requested a nautical-style portrait of Ben, to match the one I made for her recently: 
emily finished
Here’s the photo of Ben.


I wanted the pictures to match in quirkiness, and brainstormed with Emily. There were several ideas thrown about to make his beard into something interesting… We considered ramen, sea kelp, and even chop suey. We ultimately decided to make his beard a whale. Yes. A whale. Here’s the sketch.  

I’m keeping the hat because I was told he wears baseball hats all the time. I felt like the portrait would be more personal with that touch left in. 

The whale is in water… Those swirls are waves. I might add more of them to cover the whale’s body more. I plan to paint the background in a dark teal or turquoise.

Making sure I keep it close to Emily’s portrait style.


“Kicks” for Emmalie: Complete

After spray-painting gold, chrome, and silver in strategic spots on the painting, I added another layer:

emmalie progress2

But, it still wasn’t complete. I felt I needed to add depth, and soften the red shadows on the legs…

Here’s the finished painting:

20 x 24 canvas


It’s hard to tell by looking at this photo, but the silver spray paint I used created a metallic shine on certain parts of the painting, including near the Nike check on the red shoe, and near the toe of the blue shoe.

I tried to capture the shine in this photo, by tilting the painting to catch the sunlight:


It’s hard to see it in the photos, but it’s brilliant in person. Almost like mirrors.

I colored the edges of the canvas in the same style as the painting:


I created my own shipping box for this one, using a box I had on hand. I filled it with packing pillows and crushed paper. I used loads of tape for extra reinforcement. Naturally, my hands are tired from the cutting.

emmaile cardboardpackaing



The painting will be shipped soon!



“Kicks” for Emmalie: Progress

The next layer of Emmalie’s kicks…


I think I’m going to try, for the first time… adding some spray paint. It’s silver, and mirror-like. I think that would look really, really great in little patches about the painting.

Here’s a close up of the colors in the painting.


I’m going to add scribbles to the background, to spread the black upwards a bit.

I hope to be done with it by this weekend, and send it in the mail on Saturday! 😀