Portrait Project #7 Stefunny

I have a beautiful friend who goes by Stefunny. I decided to attempt her painting during an army training I had to complete. It was a great way to ease the stress from perilous outdoor adventures and overthinking my future.

I actually bought an acrylics painting set and some very inexpensive sketching paper to complete the work.

I’ve been very taken with Van Gogh in recent years, reading everything I could about him one night for no particular reason at all. Having worked at a psychiatric hospital, I feel that I can see him more clearly with my mind’s eye; I can feel who he was, and it grants me more meaning when absorbing his art. One of my favorite paintings of his is of a physician who treated him, Dr. Gachet:


Inspired by blues, I began to paint Stefunny. Here’s the reference picture:


Unlike some of my other paintings, I did not measure scale; the idea is to create more of an impression instead of an exact copy. What do I see when I look at the photo, instead of what is exactly in the photo.

I added more oranges to lighten the mood of the painting. This is the final result.






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